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We did it!

Yesterday was the last tournament of this years 2nd national league saison. As you might guess, I'm again talking about one of my favorite hobbies: Formation ballroom dance sports.

Although none of us hazarded to guess, we really managed to do it: We promoted to the 1st national league!

With a healthy margin of 5.5 points agianst our direct competetors from Frankfurt we managed to score the 2nd place again yesterday and therefore the 2nd place overall. The first 2 places in the league of 8 teams promote to the next higher one. For us this means: The highest German, the 1st national league.

In addition this means for us the participation in the German Championship on November 8th 2008.

If you'd like to see 16 (8 standard, 8 latin) really good dancing shows and are near to Bremen in November, don't miss to come around and cheer for us! :)

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