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Back from Poland

Since yesterday morning I'm back from my summer vacation to Poland. Kasia and me had 2 wonderful weeks in Miedzestroye (Poland). We went there with Caren & Sven (a freidndly couple) and their cute dog Odin.

The whole vacation was more or less filled with lying on the beach, swimming in the east-sea, playing with the dog and reading. Indeed, it was the best thing that could happen right now and I had plenty of time to relax, which was really necessary. It's been the first real holiday I had since about 2 years.

Being in Poland (although just about 30 km bee-line from Germany away) is a real good alternative to vacation in Germany itself. The level of living is quite similar to a German resort, but it's about 2/3rds cheaper there. We resided on a campingground, but not in a tent or caravan, but in a kind of bungalow without kitchen.

As said before, most of our days (except 1, if I remember correctly) started late with a fresh bought breakfast outside and went on with lying on the beach. In the early afternoon we mostly went home for a shower and some sleep and afterwards was either barbecue time or we went to the city for meal and shopping.

All in all: It was just pure relaxing.


You can find some more photos I took in my gallery. Since my study doesn't start until October I will stay 2 more weeks at my parents home for some more relaxing and party with my old friends.

Also I'm now online again I will (probably) not do that much with my maschine those days. You can expect me entirely back at the end of this month.

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