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A day in Paris... (Part II)

Today we had our second day around here in Paris, with our living map's Arnaud and Andrea. :) It was really fun again, also it was very heavy walking again. ;)

First we went to have some food (since it's been again noon until we came out of bed) in a small french bistro. I had a very good duck and as desert we had "Nutella Tiramisu", which was strange but really deliciose.

Next we went to see the "gay district" of Paris. I did not see any gay people (ok, not obviosly gay people, I guess there were some) and I'm not really sure, why it's called the gay district. There are some tiny shops there and (you know, what girls are like) we went through them about one and a half hour.

This gave us the perfect excuse to get some really nice ice cream, before going on to the "Notre Dame". I head a ball of pear ice cream! ;) Notre Dame is a another very old church (about 900 years - the french seem to be fanatic on building churches...) but very cool.

Afterwards, Arnaud and Andrea left us so we got on one of the tourist buses to make a tour through Paris. That was necessary, because me idiot forgot my digi cam yesterday and I wanted to make some cool photos of the stuff we saw.

We met the 2 locales again at the Paris opera and went to get some food again at a small bistro in Paris central. This time a very good steak and a even better Schoko Fondue. Next we went to see the Eiffel Tower at night and I again took some amazing photos.

I'll put up all of my Paris experience tomorrow and give some links to this blurb, because my girl friend is crying behind me, that she wants to go to bed... Sadly we will be leaving again tomorrow at 8:50 in direction to Frankfurt.

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