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A day in Paris...

Today Arnaud and Andrea made a sight-seeing tour through Paris with us. In the early morning (around 13:30) we got out to see "Sacre Coeur" which is a selfcleaning church, built a long time ago. The church itself is not that interessting, but the overview on Paris is fantastic.

Afterwards we went down to the city again and drove a few stations with the "Metro", the subway of Paris. That Metro thing is a very cool invention. There's a huge network of train lines (14 crossing each other wherever possible) below Paris and you can go from every point to every other within 1 hour and mainly without any time loss.

In downtown Paris we went down the "Champs Elysees", the famous shoping street of Paris. There are shops like Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and many others. Everything very expensive and not so special, that the special price would be justified. At the end of Champs Elysees we reached "Arc De Triomphe", a (famous) arc, in the center of huge roundabout.

Next station was the Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel), which everone should at last have been seeing on TV or pictures. At daylight it's not that amazing, but at night millions of lights glow on it and every full hour they start blinking like a huge sparkler, which is indeed very impressive.

For dinner we went to a place where about 10 creperies are in one place and had the really best crepes I ever had. Fresh strengthened we went to the latin district of Paris. It's like entering a different part of the world seamlessly within seconds. One second you're in the deepest french streets, the next second you're in latin america. An amazing experience. Two beer later, we had another crepes in the latin quater and took the Metro home to Arnaud's flat.

Yeah, and there I'm lying now on the couch, my laptop in front of me, my girl friend beside me (playing Tetris on Arnaud's Powerbook) and Arnaud on the other side, blogging from his workstation. That's all for today, and I guess tomorrow will be another amazing day in Paris... But sadly the last one... *sigh``*``

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