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Back from camping

Us usual I've been camping in the netherlands (Kijkduinpark, near Den Haag) with the people of my former sports club (Step by Step Oberhausen. As usual it was really great.

We arrived on late Friday afternoon and built up the tents, after a very long and wet ;) night we had a really relaxed day on the beach, with bath in the North Sea and cool summer feeling. Really neccessary after the stressy time at work, that past.

On Sunday we had rain, but it was't even less fun. A whole day beside the grill, with nice people around you, some six-packs, a lot of fresh meat and bananas for dessert. :)

Monday was our last day and we had to leave at 11:00 A.M. Usually we would have gone to the beach again for stocking some more sun, but since the weather wasn't that great then, too, we just had some netherlands national food (Frikandel & Fries) and made the way home.

As said before, this short trip was very very very necessary for me right now. Meeting all of my friends (I have to miss in Frankfurt) again and just relaxing for 3 days... Fresh power and to work again tomorrow.

Special greets to Schnatz, Schlicki, Ray, Lina, Passi, Bomi and everyone else who was with us. Hope to see you people more often and to have the next camping trip next year on Pfingsten!

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