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Generall overview...

I hope noone thought "oh, this Schlitt guy has stopped blogging". I'm still alive and will fillup my blog in future as it was in past. The last week just was a bit (or let's describe it as "very") stressy. I did not come to do anything really cool stuff in my freetime, cause there was none... :(

Nevermind. I came a little bit to read in the 2 issues "International PHP Magazine" I recieved. The article by Davey Shafik in issue 01/04 was pretty cool in my eyes. I allways knew, that there are all necessary features in PHP to write a deamon like tool, but I did not know, that it works so easy. I would defenitly like to play around with that stuff, but got still no idea what to realize with that...

So, stay tuned...

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