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I hate parties...

... no!!!! Just kidding!!!

In real, I love it, but time is rare for coding and stuff. I resolved to do pretty much work during the Christmas / New Year hollidays, but there's to few time...

I brought up the photo gallery of my little friend portal steplike.de. I tried to install Gallery for it and wondered, why I was not able to logon using Firebird. The logon screen appears after I clicked the button and the logon seems to work. But after the main page reloaded, I was not logged on... It took me about 3 hours to figure out, what the problem was: My Apache resolved steplike.de as the main domain name for the vhost, but Gallery was configured to take www.steplike.de, so the cookie was set to www.steplike.de and couldn't be accessed from steplike.de .... :( Now it's working, but it was a huge time loss.

As I said before, the last days were more or less a huge party. All of my friends wanted to see me and everywhere I came was a great amount of my favorite beer available....

So, hopefully I can do some work on Phatan, Net_FTP and all the other projects. Since I love coding for pearweb, I will start to do some work on a commentation system for the PEAR manual.

To everyone out there: Have a nice Silvester party and come healthy and happy into 2004!

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