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Christmas days...

So, that Christmas is on going and I got some time to write a note into my blog, I will do this right now.

Since Monday I'm back home in the Ruhrgebiet, in Dinslaken with my family and my beloved friends. On monday evening I went to Dortmund to meet some of my best friends in their apartment-sharing community. You can find most of the on the web: Schlicki, Menne and Carsten. We wanted to go to a small discotheque, called "Spirit", but as we reached the place at about 0:00 we found a huge group of people standing in front of it, waiting to get inside. After 15 minutes of waiting with about -5 degrees celsius, we decided to put the party off for a later date and went home again to have some beer and sit around. Even this was very cool, since I got not so many chances to see my folks. At the early thusday moring we stood up to fetch the last christmas gifts in Dortmund downtown. Very funny to go shopping with Menne and Schlicki. It took us about 4 hours to get all the stuff, we needed, what after we went to Essen to visit Kati (Schlickis girl friend), who has been inviting us for lunch. (Thanks Kati!) Rest of Thusday was not so interessting, since I slept a lot and build up my new 19" TFT display, which is a really very very very very cool thing!!! :)

About the following days, I'll write a bit later, since today is a holliday, I'll go on reading the new Harry Potter roman...

Hope you all (everyone reading this) has had a nice christmas!

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