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Damn shit...

... as the title says, I was very pissed off the last days and that for did not write down any entries.

What I did was to cleanup my entire windows system to get some freespace, created 2 new partitions and installed Knoppix. Everything worked fine, I configured my system as neede, updated everythin using apt-get (i love it!) and converted my emails, etc. After that I converted my NTFS partitions to fat, which I will hopefully to ext3 now. That was the good part of the story. Now we come to the bad one. Since I needed my windows anymore, I deleted the C: partition. I moved the linux partition out of the extended part and created a new primary partition out of that, my new /dev/hda1. I changed the lilo.conf and reinstalled lilo several times, I changed fstab several times. The system was not booted.

Until... 5 minutes ago of courese...

Only things *LOL* I'll now have to do is trying to resize my root partition to the new free diskspace from my old windows one (which si located befor the root partition, see the title!) and get this damn cool framebuffers working again in boot state!

After that I hope to get back on developement soon... *grrrr*

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