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LAN party impressions

I accidentally steped over the website of the LAN party we were last weekend. The have put some photos on, where from I have chosen some impressions to show you:

This was the whole event in one view. There were about 200 people, so the right size for a really cool LAN party. Not to much to become to anonymouse, but even not to few to get boring.

We arrivied very lately at the location, because Sash was not ready when we came to fetch him. Here we just started to carry our complete equipment into the sports hall. You see my sweet maschine standing whole alone on it's desk... But do not worry, the laptop hung directly beside it at the chair! ;)

Whily setting up our hardware some funster decided that we were pretty photogenic this evening. I hope we are! ;)

Here you see Sash (really cool guy) with our little server farm \*g\* 3 servers on 4 persons were enought we thought and it defenitly matched!

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