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Berlin trip: Dance of the Vampires

Last weekend my girlfriend and me tripped to Berlin, primarily to see the musical Dance of the Vampires. I seized the chance and tried out Kores Nikon D70s camera to finally decide if I would also buy a digital single-lense reflex (DSLR) camera. Best thing first: My D80 is already ordered and will hopefully arrive next Tuesday. :)

The trip was really nice. We drove just 4 hours and had a really nice and not really expensive hotel in Charlottenburg, which is almost the very center of Berlin and just a few walk minutes away from the Theatre of the west (German) where Dance of the Vampires is still located until end of March. After a very short city trip we got ready for a very good italian dinner and enjoyed the musical afterwards. I like the music quite much (and already did before), but seeing the play was even more amazing. A very nice mixture of classical and modern theatre and very good music. Dramatic, exciting and funny at the same time. I can only recommend this, if you like theatre or especially musicals.

On Sunday we took the chance and did some sightseeing in Berlin, although the weather was cloudy and rainy. Still it was a nice walk through downtown Berlin and using the D70s was even fun under that circumstances. If you are interessted you can see some of my very first "real" photo shots on Flickr.

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