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Zeta mailinglists available

The new mailinglists for the Zeta components have just been created in the Apache Incubator space. So, it's time to start switching to the new infrastructure. We have the following publically available lists:

Development discussions of all kinds are supposed to take place here. This is basically the new version of components@lists.ez.no.
Here you will receive all SVN commits of the project, as soon as we dropped the code. Pretty much the same as snv-components@lists.ez.no was.
We did not have a corresponding list before. This one is mainly meant for user discussions, not for development stuff.

Please subscribe to these lists according to your interests, especially, if you were subscribed to one of the old lists. In order to subscribe, just send an email to:


So, if you e.g. want to join the development list, send an empty mail to zeta-dev-subscribe@incubator.apache.org.

If you liked this blog post or learned something, please consider using flattr to contribute back: .



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