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Twitter avatars in TwIRCd

TwIRCd integrates Twitter into your IRC client by implementing an IRC server, mainly developed by Kore until now. During the past weekend, our unofficial PHPUGDO hackathon, I seized the chance to implement support for Twitter avatars for it. Pretty useless, but fun. ;)

I don't think there's much more to say, just click the screenshot below to see Twitter avatars in Xchat in action.

Avatars in TwIRCdAvatars in TwIRCd

So, how can you use avatars? Pretty simple:

  1. Install libcaca (including the img2txt tool)

  2. Update your TwIRCd install

  3. Query the twircd user in your main &twitter channel and say set avatar true

You can define avatarHeight in addition, which defines the number of lines an avatar image will take. Values above 15 give pretty good image results, but will obviously consume way too much space. 7 is the default.

The syntax for setting options in TwIRCd will change again, but since the project is not released anywhere, yet, and it won't be soonish, that should not hurt. You can expect these changes in my Github fork of TwIRCd.

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