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Flattr me, I flattr you

I found Flattr an amazing idea when I heart about it for the first time. Now I created an account on the platform and you can flattr my blog posts. What is this and why should you do it?

What is Flattr?

Did you ever think Wow, this is really a useful blog entry? Now you can give something back to the author with very little effort. Flattr is a new mirco-payment platform to revenue good, free content on the web.

The concept is pretty easy:

  1. You register with Flattr and load some smaller amount of money to your Flattr account (e.g. 5-10 €).

  2. You decide how much money you would like to pay overall per month for good content on the web (e.g. 2€).

  3. Whenever you find content you like, just click the Flattr button next to it.

At the end of the month, your monthly charge will be spread among all authors you flattred. This might only be a few cents for each author. However, if many people like a certain article, a few cents from each can already become a few Euros.

Why would you flattr?

Especially since blogging became popular, there is an amazing amount of free, high quality content on the web. The publishers of this content are mostly volunteers. So, how do you show your respect for these volunteers? Before Flattr you could select your favorite authors and buy them something from their wish list or send them some money directly. But did you ever do so? So, Flattr is your answer to this problem.

I use Flattr to give people something back for their work. So should you do! :)

If you liked this blog post or learned something, please consider using flattr to contribute back: .



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