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Merry X-mas, ElePHPant!

The year has passed by like the wind, PHP 5.3 is still under construction (happy namespacing everybody ;) and PHP 6 is not even in sight. However, it's been another great year in the PHP community and the silent days are near.

The X-mas ElePHPant.The X-mas ElePHPant.

Jenny, my love, painted that beautiful picture of the ElePHPant for me, which I want to share with you as my X-mas greeting. Enjoy the days with your families and take the chance to find some rest. Since I'll be offline from December 27th to 3rd of January, I also wish you a great start into 2009!

X-mas ElePHPant dream.X-mas ElePHPant dream.

Thanks to all of my friends in the community, my business partners, my co-workers at eZ Systems and to the PHP Usergroup Dortmund for all the cool and geeky events in 2009! See you next year!

Update: With some GIMP magic I made a wallpaper of the drawing. If you like it, feel free to use it. Please leave Jenny a comment, if you do! :)

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