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Beware, FrOSCon ahead!

One of the most amazing German OS events is right in front of the door. Since the organizers of the FrOSCon expect a massive ammount of visitors, they ask everyone kindly to register on their website. If you did not do so, yet, take your heels and do so!

Beside the head liners Rasmus Lerdorf and Andrew S. Tanebaum, you can also meet many of the national and international PHP-VIPs there:

  • Arne Blankerts

  • Marcus Boerger

  • Boris Erdmann

  • Derick Rethans

  • Garvin Hicking

  • Hartmut Holzgräfe

  • Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson

  • Johannes Schlüter

  • Kore Nordmann

  • Sebastian Bergmann

  • Thomas Weinert

some of them are giving really cool talks in the dedicated PHP track or one of the many other session tracks. Still undecided? Find the conference info ahead:


Sankt Augustin (near Bonn)


August 23rd / 24th


5,- € (both days!)

More information can be found on the PHP@FrOSCon website and the official FrOSCon homepage.

If you plan to come around, feel free to leave a note here! Looking forward to seeing you!

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