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Human support and feature requests at Xing

I like Xing. I actually like some of the social networks, although I think there are far to many of them. However, Xing is useful to me for keeping my address book updated by my business contacts themselves and to be up2date about who is doing what. Nice! I'm also a "premium" (in the sense of paying) user in Xing. On the one hand because that gives me some nice additional features and safes me from advertisement. On the other one because I think paying for a good online service is a good idea.

What I really wonder is: What happens to the feature requests and support questions I address to Xing? I don't really have the impression anyone takes care in anyway. Therefore I'd like to tell you the story of 2 tiny feature requests I addressed to Xing some months ago and several times since then. I think, I did not request features that are too difficult to realize. Now, I don't have any clue about web applications, so I might be wrong in this impression. ;) I'm also quite sure that many more people out there would love to see the same stuff realized, so it's not even that they consider my questions too useless for a qualified response.

However, whenever I send them a message via their contact form, I receive an autogenerated message ala "Thanks for your request, we take our users requests serious" a few hours later. Good to hear, that their system at least received my message. Another one, probably also auto-generated, that says "We forwarded your message to the development department." flies to my inbox usually a few days or weeks. Good to see, you take care over there at Xing! Although this is the final message I received about every such request.

No, to stay seriously and keep sarcasm away, is anyone taking care? I can't believe. I requested one and the same feature 3 times now and another one 2 times already. Without any response that seemed to be written by anything else than a computer. I'm not even sure that any human being ever read my mails. Maybe they have some fancy text recognition tool that generates standard replies automatically? Is it so hard to send a reply like "Sorry, we are not able to realize this, because..." or "Sorry, we don't think that feature Foo Bar is useful to our users, because..."? Is it so hard to give a use the feeling that anyone really takes care? Possibly I just asked the wrong question. If it is that way, please let me know.

To let you finally know what I want: Xing offers an RSS feeds for a lot of stuff. From the latest visitors of my profile to any pointlessimportant status messages, I can see everything right away in my feed reader. Why the hell not the next birthdays of my contacts? Why can I see "Foo Bar likes Xing status messages" in my Torii, but not who has his birthday today? The second tinyhuge feature I requested could even be more difficult to realize: Xing let's you link additional information about you from your profile. Beside your website you can share links to other social networks there, like Flickr or LastFM and a whole load of others I did not even hear of. Why is Ohloh still missing? Guys, I'm paying for your stuff, did you realize?

Would be interessting to know if anyone ever had success with a feature request at Xing, or if they just implement what the think is useful for their users?

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