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PHP @ FrOSCon: This year we are a sub-conference - Call for papers

The PHP Usergroup Dortmund will again organize PHP @ FrOSCon this year. As usual this happens in cooperation with the PHP Usergroups Köln/Bonn and Hamburg. The Free and Open Source Conference 2008 is going to happen on August 23rd and 24th. Instead of the past 2 years, we'll not only have a dedicated project room. A dedicated PHP @ FrOSCon track will be a part of the FrOSCon main conference program.

We are looking forward to your application for a session for PHP @ FrOSCon from today on. More information can be found on our dedicated PHP @ FrOSCon website. We are again happily looking forward to this event, which already was extremly nice in the past 2 years. Hope to see you there! :)

As you might remember, FrOSCon and PHP @ FrOSCon are organized completly on a voluntary basis. Therefore we are searching for sponsors who can take over trip and accommodation cost for our speakers. In turn you will receive an individual advertisement package or similar. Thanks in advance!

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