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Privacy problems explained

In the past years privacy issues have increased more and more in our civilisation. Sometimes under the hood of "fighting against terrorism", but in many cases simply straight forward, authorities and companies start violating our privacy more and more. In Germany the "Payback" (German link) card is a more or less harmless example for tracing customers, where the "Bundestrojaner" (German link) is a really dangerous one.

I have to admit that I sometimes even understand the intention (would I behave different if I had the chance to realize "Payback"?). Anyway I'm really shocked how few people realize the problem and see the affection of their own life and privacy. In fact the only group of people who seem to understand and act against it are geeks and other technology affine people. The everyday user (of those I know) does basically not care. Answers like "So what, I have nothing to hide!" are most common, if you try to inform and sensitize them. I really get the feeling, that most people just don't care. No idea if they are too lazy to deal with the (indeed mostly technology related) topic, if it is pure ignorance or if they simply don't understand.

For the latter case I found a really good Flash video (German link) that tries to explain the whole issue in a way that non-technical people can also understand it. So, please, if you have no clue about what I've been talking before, please take a look here (German link). Thanks!

Update: I just found this animation of a pizza call which goes into the same direction and is in English language.

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