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Finally: PHPUGDO got an ElePHPant family!

When my friend Marcus asked me if I'd like to order ElePHPants with him together to save shipping cost I thought it would be time that our local PHP usergroup gets some new members: The ElePHPant family! After I messed up with our original order in May 2007 (because of too much work with the book and more), I thought it would be nice to give an ElePHPant to the core members as a belated christmas present. See the happy people and their ElePHPant family below:

As a side note in this post I'd like to wish all of you out there a good start into 2008! 2007 was a very turbulent year for me, from successes - like Kore's and my first book and our (at least I think) cool Webdav component - to some private drawbacks, which is why I did not blog much in the past weeks/months. But stay tuned, I will be more active in the future again! :) So long: Enjoy the (mostly) silent first days of the year, before the stress comes up again! :)

P.S.: RIP PHP 4! Finally! ;)

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