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Professional-PHP Online Training by DWP

On November 20th will start with the first "Professional PHP" online training. This series of online sessions offers you "24 hours of PHP knowledge, from professionals, to professionals". Topics covered in this series of talks are:

  • Object orientation and patterns

  • Regular Expressions

  • Object-Relational-Mapping

  • Security

  • XML and Webservices

  • Testing with PHPUnit

  • AJAX and PHP

  • Debugging using Xdebug

  • Image manipulation

  • PEAR

  • Zend Framework

  • eZ Components

Several speakers will take care about the different topics, among those are Kore Nordmann (Regex, Images and PHPUnit), Christian Wenz (Security, XML, Webservices), Stephan Schmidt for the OO and patterns section and other community known experts. I myself will present the topics "Xdebug" and "eZ Components".

All talks will last about 2 hours (possibly a bit longer) and will take place on a dedicated day so you are not too filled up with knowledge afterwards. The sessions are presented in German language using a professional online training system, that allows you to interact with the presenter and other attendees in writing and speaking.

Since it is the first time this course is scheduled, you will receive a 200,- € discount when booking right now, so take your heels and jump over to the training and certification page and save your seat!

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