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Howto: Spamdyk and Qmail on Gentoo

After my server was close to wasting all its CPU time for checking email messages for potential spam using Spamassassin I decided that it was time to investigate. My friend Arne, who helped me a lot with Qmail problems earlier, recommended to install spamdyk, an SMTP spam filter that is placed in front of Qmail and does not require specially patches for the MTA itself. Spamdyk can filter mail by blacklisting, whitelisting, greylisting and using several other options.

Thanks to Arne for this great tip! Spamdyk is up and running now on my maschine and my load is now constantly below 0.40, while spam receival seems to be reduced drastically. Since I did not find much information about Spamdyk on Gentoo, I wrote down my experiences as a little howto in the Gentoo wiki. Maybe someone finds it helpfull. Any feedback welcome!

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