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Making the kernel

Since my new baby is not fully working under Gentoo, yet, I'm updating my kernel each time a new version of gentoo-sources occurs in portage. If you are configuring your kernel by hand, you know what that means every time (at least for me it did):

  • Move around /usr/src/linux symlink

  • Copy .config

  • $ make oldconfig

  • $ make (before that make clean, if you re-compile a kernel)

  • $ make modules_install

  • $ module-rebuild rebuild, to rebuild external modules on Gentoo

  • Copy files to /boot

  • Add the new kernel to the grub menu

  • Activate it as the default one

Time to integrate these steps into a little script.

This one takes over all the mess from above. It hides a lot of nasty output from me, but allows me to watch it through a temporary log file if I tend to. It creates the rudimentary entries in my grub.conf above all others so that the new kernel is active by default.

The script (rename it to .sh only, make it executable and run it as root) should be adjustable to your needs within minutes. Maybe someone finds it useful. Please leave me a comment if you do and also if you don't!

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