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PHP@FrOSCon - Call for papers extended

Because the members of the PHP Usergroup Dortmund were a bit busy in the past weeks, we totally forgot about the nearing end of our call for papers for the PHP room at FrOSCon 2007. Therefore, here comes the reminder and the announcement, that our call for papers is extended until June 29th. So if you did not send your proposal, yet, please submit it ASAP, so that we can start evaluating the proposals. All information about PHP@FrOSCon can be found on our official PHP room website.

Thanks in advance for those who already provided proposals, we already received some very interessting talks! :)

If you did not know about FrOSCon yet, you should definitly take a look at the FrOSCon website, it is an excellent open source event in the style of Linuxtag in former days.

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