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Radar charts, MS SQL support, dialog system and greetings from spiderman!

After the usual development cycle of eZ Components we just released version 2007.1 beta 1. This release (which will go stable in a few weeks) includes lots of new features and many bug fixes.


The major feature highlights for this release are

  • radar charts and PDO data sets for the Graph component

  • a dialog system and new argument handling for ConsoleTools

  • support for MS SQL Server in the Database component

  • SSL/TLS support for IMAP, POP3 and SMTP connections in the Mail component

  • named parameter support and dynamic location support for Template

  • "delayed initialization" for all suitable components

and a lot more. Beside that eZ Components got 2 new components:

  • Authentication, which deals with authenticating users against backends such as database, LDAP or typekey (much more backends to come in the next releases)

  • Workflow, which provides the core functionality of an activity-based workflow system including the definition and execution of work flow specifications.

The latter one was developed in scope of the diploma thesis of Sebastian Bergmann and gives you an ingenious tool to enable workflows in your application. As usual, the upcoming weeks will be used to complete the documentation with the new features, while examples and unit tests are already available by now. You can download and try out 2007.1 beta 1 by downloading the full package from our website or installing the components you like through our PEAR channel by doing $ pear upgrade ezc/eZComponents.

Any kind of feedback is welcome here or through our development mailinglist. Thanks for testing!

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