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The time of the conferences...

While I have not been to any conference since last november, the time of the conferences seems to come again. So, here I go:

  • May 5th and 6th: PHP Unconference Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. I'll be there to meet up with the German community and a lot of friends from Hamburg and all over Germany and to possible give some talks, if there is interesst. A large portion of the PHP Usergroup Dortmund will attend, too.

  • May 21st to 23rd: International PHP Conference Spring Edition, Ludwigsburg, Germany. Kore and me will be giving 2 talks here and the usually meetup with the international PHP community will take place. I'm quite currious on how this new location will be. Our talks are:

    • The eZ Components roundup, an overview on the status of eZ Components (in German language).

    • PHPotter - Doing magic with PHP, some kind of suprise talk about lots of magic you can do in the PHP language (in English language).

  • June 7th and 8th: eZ Conference & eZ Awards, Skien, Norway. This annual Open Source event at the eZ headquaters is one of my favorite events. Beside different talks about open source and CMS topics, there will be an exhibition and the eZ Awards show, which is a great evening event. I'll be giving a talk there, too:

    • eZ Components, a deeper look at the status of eZ Components (in English language).

  • June 9th: PHP Vikinger, Skien, Norway. After the success of last year, the PHP Vikinger will again take place directly after the eZ Conference in Skien. This Unconference is especially nice, because of its nice environment (Norway is beautifull!). I'm sure a lot of the usual suspects will attend and we will have a great time!

So, if you are interessted, have any questions or just want to have a beer or 2 with the community, don't hesitate to join us on one of the conferences! :)

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