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Back to Windows...

Today I needed to start up my VMWare to test some PHP stuff on a Windows XP installation. I was quite curious, how I would perform after more than 4 years completly without Windows. Here are my experiences...

The first thing I wanted to do was setting up PHP. After a glance of "emerge dev-lang/php" I decided to download XAMPP and install the all in one package. So far so good, PHP seemed to be running after not much hassle, although I first needed to figure out the website of XAMPP (it is here, if you are ever searching), then downlod the installer and run it manually. Anyway, it gave me a lot of extra stuff and in fact installed a complete web develompment environment for me.

Good, so I wanted to checkout eZ Components from SVN. I remebered how to open a (what they call) "console" using "Start" -> "Run" -> "cmd.exe" and typed "cd De<tab>". Wow, that even worked! I'm amazed. But that only for a few milliseconds, because "svn co" produced a nice error message. So - after downloading SVN manually from the web, installing it and adding its binary to the PATH variable (thank god, someone in the office knew how to do this) - this worked, too. Setting up the eZ Components environment was as easy as on Linux, since we provide a script called "setup-env.bat", which handles that job for you.

I tried out running some of our test suites, which also worked fine and turned to debug the things I neede to debug... "vim ConsoleT<tab>/s<tab>" *gnarf``*``, the auto completion "feature" of the "console" only works with backslashes. Again... "vim ConsoleT<tab>s<tab>"... gives "vim ConsoleTools.svn"... *argh``*``. Whatever, when I finally had the correct path to the file I wanted to edit, I realized: There is no VI on Windows... Ok, so I downloaded GVIM for Windows and started editing and fixing.

Great, after some messing around with newlines on Windows, stuff worked as expected. "svn diff" produced a nice patch, which I could finally copy from VMWare to Linux again. Over there I noticed that I broke something and fixed that again. Another patch, copy to Windows "patch -p0 < patch.txt"... runs into an error... *grrr``*`` So, I downloaded the patch binary, installed it and... ran into some weird error. Thank god I only changed 1 file and so decided to copy this one manually.

That's only a short abstract of my day with MS Windows XP and my personal result from this is: My finger hurts from all those mouse moving and clicking, my eyes hurt a bit from all those jumping windows and popup stuff, my blood presure is on about 180 because of the piece of shit what they call a console, I lost about 1 hour to search for software on the web and I was 3 times close to throwing my notebook out of the window...

My conclusion (again): Windows? No thanks!

Note: Some of the mentioned stuff definitly results from me not being used to that $%&!?§ anymore, anyway, I think it sucks...

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