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That's why I pay so much for a notebook...

Yesterday (and today) I had an experience, which showed me once again, why I pay so much for a high quality notebook. During our (currently daily) learning sessions, the keyboard of my 1.5 years old IBM Thinkpad T43p lost it's backspace key. Somewhat annoyed I opened a support call on the IBM website (luckily, IBM has 3 years of guarantee) about it and (while having the chance) I added anothe issue with the notebook I now had for about 2-3 months. This one was, that I had a bunch of weird light-gray dots on my display, which actually looked like tiny liquid splashes. I was not able to kill them with a towel and therefore added the phenomenon to the support call, too. Anyway, I did not expect IBM to react on that issue, because it simply did not look like a guarantee issue to me.

After entering the support ticket, I went for a coffee, leaving my cellphone in another room. When I returned back (about half an hour later), IBM had already tried to call me back. A look at the trouble ticket showed me, that they already had taken 3 steps: 1. "Customer called". 2. "Problem strategy defined". And 3. "Mechanican will come out". The 3rd step actually wondered me most, because I don't have the extended on-site guarantee and expected to get a request to send the notebook. Whatever, 2 hours later, IBM tried calling me again and finally reached me. The question was, if I would be at home today between 11 and 1, which I agreed on, and they promised to send me a technican for repair.

Around 12 today the mechanican turned up, took a look at my keyboard and (which wondered me a bit) at the display. Around 45 minutes later I had a brand new keyboard and 'a brand new display in my thinkpad and he was gone again.

I am really amazed by this support! Not really 20 hours after my support call arrived, they finished repair, sent someone on-site and also exchanged the display. Fantastic! Now I really know, why I pay such a price for a piece of hardware!

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