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Horde Groupware Webmail Edition

I like Horde quite much, it provides a comfortable web mailer (IMP) and some nice extra tools which give you a really comfortable groupware feeling with it... if you manage to set it up, once. By now, this has been quite a pain in the ass, which is why I did not upgrade my installation for a longer time. Though, now it was time to do so, because I already missed several security updates and bug fixes.

When visiting the Horde website, I noticed a new application bundle, called "Horde Groupware Webmail Edition". This bundle actually provides all applications I had to install manually before. So instead of upgrading each application on its own, I moved away my old horde directory and backed up the database content. After that, I just followed the quick-install-guide provided for the new groupware bundle (took about 5 minutes for the setup). I re-imported my database content and adjusted the servers-settings for IMP to do proper authentication. And wonder what: It worked like a charm. :)

Thanks to the Horde guys for finally providing a package, which ultimately satisfies my needs and is so easy to setup!

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