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Final roundup: PHP Weekender is over

The second day of the PHP Weekender is over now, too. We are happily looking back on a great event and I want to thank Benjamin Schwertfeger and Dave Kliczbor form the Computer Sience faculty of the University of Dortmund for their engagement. Beside that, we want to thank all the attendees and my fellows form the PHP Usergroup Dortmund for coming and making this event such a great success!

Today at 9:30 Kore and me started the day with a 3 hour session about "PHP best practices". We enhanced our slides from FrOSCon this year with a section about debugging and one on OOP in PHP. Right in time for lunch, we finished the talk with about 60 satisfied and quite "knowledge filled up" attendees.

After lunch, we again splitted in 2 tracks. Tobias Struckmeier (most of the time assisted by someone else) handled the 2nd introduction workshop, which was actually the rest of the first workshop, since we had much too much stuff for the attendees. In parallel, Kore and me stepped up again and gave an overview on PHP 5s advanced OO features (like ArrayAccess and Iterator, overloading and ObjectStorage). After that, Kore took over the stage on his own and visualized his view on the topic "Enterprise PHP", which was a really intressting talk. Last but not least, Jakob Westhoff introduced into database abstraction and ORM. All talks went really well (thanks to factors like really good equipment and absolutly brilliant preperation of all PHP UG Dortmund members).

We finally had a small closing key note, where we asked the attendees for feedback. It was positive all over, although we had 2 small drawbacks: 1st we did not have coffee for sale, which is actually a big no-no for any geek event - I know. 2nd we started already at 9:00 a.m., which was quite early for a) a weekend and b) for (mostly) students. We promise amendment for the next event! ;) After the offical part ended, we had a small key-signing party, where 15 people attended and I issued my first assurances.

So, all in all I can say: We never expected the event to become such a great success. Our first assumptions were around 20 attendees. After we saw the registrations, we guessed to have around 50 attendees overall, which was already suprising. In the end we had around 90 attendants on Saturday and about 80 on Sunday. I hope the interesst in PHP in Dortmund stays at this level and that some of the attendants will join our usergroup.

So long, 'till next time... :)

P.S. Slides and examples will follow on the PHP Weekender website

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