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A great success: PHP Weekender day 1

The first day of the PHP Weekender (the free-of-charge, 2-day PHP event organized by the PHP Usergroup Dortmund) just comes to an end and we are heading out for the social event. All in all, I have to say, it is a fantastic event and we are really happy about its success.

In the moring we had a 3 hour introductional session, where Jakob Westhoff and Peter Koch introduced pure PHP newbes to the concepts of web application development (requests, GET/POST variable handling,...), the PHP syntax, basic database and file handling and some more. They had about 50 attendees, which equals more or less the number of registered attendees for that session. Both had a very good feeling about their talk and the attendees were absolutly satisfied.

After a great Pizza lunch (which was generously sponsored by an anonymous sponsor), the second track started. While Jakob Westhoff created a simple to-do application with about 25 attendees in track 1, Jörg Sprung started of with an introduction to PHPs XML handling functions with above 50 attendees. Both groups stayed at this rate during the whole evening, where the workshop ended up in the first stage of a working application. The second track was continued by myself, with a track about SOA (basically SOAP, XML-RPC and REST in PHP) and a session about console scripting by Tobias Struckmeier.

We are looking back on a very successful first day of the PHP Weekender and we are looking forward to the second day, where we will continue with 2 other great tracks:

Track 1:

  • PHP best practices (OOP, debugging, security, performance)

  • PHP advanced workshop

Track 2:

  • The PHP OO Candy Store (cool OO development in PHP)

  • Enterprise PHP (NCC-1701-A)

  • Database abstraction (Handler-, SQL-, Object-Abstraction)

So, if you did not register, yet: The University of Dortmund gracefully sponsored large rooms and you can just turn around. :)

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