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3 years of blogging

Yes, it's true, exactly 3 years ago I wrote my first blog entry. By that time I would never have imagined, that I would keep blogging for more than 3 years and that more or less constantly. My weblog now contains 458 entries. Surely, there is some bulshit in it and if I go back, I sometimes wonder, why a specific entry was worth blogging to me. Anyway, in this entry, I want to make a little journey with you and give you some links to the most interessting / annoying / funny / useful / useless / ... blurbs on this site. But before we start, here some more or less actual stats:

Of the 11 categories in my blog, PHP is the largest one, with 167 entries, followed by PEAR (91), Geek (78), Community related (55) and Private (36) and eZ (34). The category with the feewest entries is University with just 3 entries. I recieved 540 comments so far (no, no spam counted) and the most commented entry was my discussion about the sponsored link practices of phpfreaks.com with 28 comments, directly followed by Comfortable PHP editing with VIM -3- with 20 comments. Aaron and Derick wrote the most comments on my weblog, followed by John Doe (the annonymous poster), altogether with 38 comments. All of my blurbs together contain 592764 characters.

But that should be all with boring figures. Let's start a little journey through the past 3 years...

On October 25th 2003 I announced my first talk at the International PHP Conference in Frankfurt. I still remember that I attended it for the first time the year before and was really exciteted to go there as a speaker. This year this is not really anything special anymore, since I've been there every year now since 2003 and will again give some cool talks there. Shortly after that, I already proposed a talk at the PHP Quebec Conference... ;)

On January 17th 2004 I switched from KDE to Gnome, which was a very wise decision... I'm still with Gnome. 1 week later Chregu and me opened Planet-PHP. While the site is hosted and was mostly built by him, we together hold the dominion about the aggregated blogs. Another day later, I announced PEPr, the PEAR Proposal System, which is still in use in the PEAR project to accept/reject new packages. Browsing through the blurbs I remeber again how my car was broken a few days later *damn``*``.

A somewhat rediculous discussion was the issue, whether PHP5s new OO extensions should use studlyCaps or underscores. But that was already clearified, when a few days later IBM took over Zend. It still scares me, that I predicted something like that... ;) It's almost akward, that I asked what the PHP CLI switch -a means on April 13th 2004... I wouldn't want to live without it anymore, now!

While on the 14th of June 2004 I announced the election of the PEAR QA team, I'm still sad, that I did not have enough time to work on it. A very funny and useful event a few weeks later, was the Anti-Software-Patents-Demo at Linuxtag 2004. I still remeber as if it was yesterday, as we went at the front of the demonstration, dressed like prisoners. I was quite happy, when my employer these times warned for software patents, a few days later.

I think a great day for the whole PHP community was the 14th of July 2004, when PHP 5 was released stable. Quite funny was the discussion about GOTO in PHP some weeks later. In relation to programming, I loved to read "Mastering Regular Expressions", these days. There are still one of my favorite languages, what maybe somewhat related to my usage of VIM. :)

The PHP World congress I attended in 2004 was kinda akward for me. I was used to geek conferences and therefore just took Jeans and T-Shirts with me to Munich... That was a mistake... All of the speakers wear suites and I was the only geek-looking guy around... ;) On October 4th 2004 I blogged about 1 year of blogging. Since I'm now half through my blog, it seems my blogging frequency became less in the past years.

On November 11th 2004 I wrote my first "Comfortable PHP editing with VIM" post, which became a really cool series of entries and I recently posted part 5 of it. VIM is really a cool editor and if you get used to its features once, you can be much more productive with it, than with any fully blown IDE.

PEAR turned 5 on November 21st 2004. You remeber that I wrote I applied for the PHP Quebec Conference? It did not happen in 2004, but I was there in 2005 and it really was a great event! :) On the 18th of March 2005 it was Unix time 1111111111. A few days later in Canada (forgive me that it's sometime Kanada in my blog, thats the Germany spelling), I took the Zend Certification exam, which turned out to be a success a few weeks later, not even thinking about, that I will be part of the certification team in 2006.

Being back from Canada, I joined the PHP Usergroup Dortmund. The usergroup was not very active these days, but more than 1 year later I can say, that we have a really cool core group of about 8 people who meat every week and a wider circle of about 15-20 people who turn around occasionally. With this, please do not forget to sign up for our first large PHP event, the PHP Weekender!

On June the 6th 2005 I started with eZ systems, where I still work happily on the eZ components project. A few days later we celebrated a decade of PHP online, while we had a somewhat official real-life celebration some days later on Linuxtag.

These days Kore Nordmann (yes the guy who made Image_3D) also convinced me to switch to Gentoo, which I'm now happily using for more than a year. On July 30th 2005 I went to Norway for the first time, to visit the eZ systems headquaters and to get the eZ components project started. During that time I also wrote Pearadise (the PEAR channel aggregator), which is still in beta phase, since I had no more time to work on it... Hope I will find time during the next semester!

September 2005 was a quite busy month. Greg Beaver released the PEAR Installer in version 1.4 stable, which allowed people to distribute their own applications with it. During that month I also went to San Francisco, which is one of the cities in the world I like most. I really enjoyed that trip. A month later I recieved a really great gift from my Amazon wishlist from Vidyut Luther.

During the PHP Conference 2005 in Frankfurt Sebastian Nohn drew a quite nice picture of Kore and me in Dortmund. December 2005 and January 2006 were a quite busy time, since we headed forward to the eZ components release 1.0 (30th of January), for which Kore and me baked a nice birthday cake.

In March this year, we celebrated the 1st anniversary of the PHP Usergroup Dortmund. In April Kore made some more cool 3D stuff and Sebastian Bergmann joined us at eZ systems. In May I went ot Bari for an italian PHP conference. Also a very very great trip!

So, and with a larger jump we are here, today, with blog post number 458. You might be wondering, how I can blog right now, because I'm currently on vacation. I have to admit, that I here used Serendipities time-driven publishing feature for the first time. Anyway, it was quite funny to browse through my whole blog one time yesterday and I hope I continue blogging for another 3 years.

So long...

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