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Some usage stats

I just came across my website stats and found that the user agent allocation is quite interessting (August 2006):

Top user agent on my website is Mozilla/5.0 with 11.35% of the users. The second place is quite far away, the Google Desktop with 7.95% (while I wonder, what actually sends the Google Desktop user agent, is it a modified IE version? I actually never used it...). Wide before MS IE 6.0 (with 3.93%) is Yahoo! Slurp (on place 3), the crawling bot from Yahoo!, with 7.16%. I wonder why they crawl my site so often? The Googlebot makes 3.08%, directly followed by IE 5.0 (2.91%) and Opera 6.0 with 2.75%. The next place (8) is held by the MSN Bot, making 2.54% of the traffic, followed by 2 times Liferea (version 1.0.18 before 1.0.12) with 4.12% in sum. Konqueror is not very widely used (with 1.79% on place 11), followed by some misc ones (e.g. older versions of the bots) and MSIE 4.0 with 1.18% on place 14.

Ok, that so far for the stats. I found this already quite interessting, but if you cummulate these numbers, you get quite more interessting stats (note that this is only done over the Top 15 user agents, provided through Webalizer):

About 30% of the user agents are from real browsers (Mozilla, IE, Google Desktop, ...), while the second group, the search engine bots, still make about 15% of the traffic. I wonder a bit, why only about 7% of the traffic is produced by content aggregators. If you cummulate the stats per browser, you can definitly see, that most people browsing my side are geeks: The largest group (around 11% use Mozilla and only version 5.0 is under the top 15), 4% less use a version of IE (about, 7%) - while here 3 different versions are still present and I'm shocked that IE 4.0 still makes 1.18%. The Google Desktop (whatever that is) makes another 8% (*argh``*`` that is IE infact, isn't it?). Other browsers (Konquerer and Opera) make around 4% of my top 15 stats.

Finally, these are all lies, damn lies and statistics, but interessting in some way.

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