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Reading recommendation: "Exploring PHP"

Kore just returned from his Canada vacation and gave me a hand-signed copy of the book he co-authored, "Exploring PHP" - "Von Insidern lernen". Although I did not read it, yet, I'd like to recommend it to you, since I think to know the authors good enough to believe they write good books. The book is (beside others) written by my friends Markus Nix, Sandro Groganz, Kore Nordmann, Stephan Schmidt and Christian Wenz, all of them well-known experts from the PHP community.

In short, "Exploring PHP" is a roundup about advanced PHP programming experiences, covering different topics like:

  • Event driven programming in PHP

  • Generation of 3D graphics

  • Testing with SimpleTest

  • Refactoring and Migration

  • PHP 6

If you are actively developing with PHP and don't have the time to read cutting-edge news and latest techniques, the book should give you a good roundup on the named topics.

I'm really looking forward to digging into it. Thanks a lot to Kore for the nice example! :)

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