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Aggregating and stealing content

Back from vacation I found an interessting article via Kore, which deals with the problem of content aggregation, based on German law. The main sense is basically: "Someone who provides forgein content on the net without asking for a permission violates copyright. This results in entitlement for omission and damages. If the aggregated content is additonally provided with ads, the provider possibly incurs a penalty." Hopefully I translated all the law terms correctly. To avoid misunderstandings, I quote the original words in German:

Denn, noch einmal: Wer fremde Inhalte im Netz veröffentlicht, ohne vorher zu fragen, verletzt das Urheberrecht. Das löst Unterlassungs- und Schadensersatzansprüche aus. Wer das Ganze noch mit Google-Anzeigen garniert, macht sich möglicherweise sogar strafbar.

In fact, the author states, that you violate copyright in Germany by aggregating content from foreign websites without asking explicitly for permission.

Again I have to emphasize, that I do not have a problem with having my content aggregated anywhere, as long as the style and number of ads is moderate and the purpose of aggregation not only to make pure money with my words.

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