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Being "brainbench certified" ;)

Hehe, as Markus did, I took the so-called "Brainbench PHP 5 certification" yesterday night after some beers. ;) Nevertheless, the result was, that was I still "scored higher than 90% of previous examinees".

I have pretty much the same feeling about this exam that Markus has. Most questions are easily solveable using online docs, if you are unsure about the answer. I don't really see a point in testing how familiar people are with the docs, but that seems to be the main purpose of the exam. The also have a lot of questions with a large mess of code, where it takes you at least 1 minute to read the code itself, before you can look at any question. Beside that, there are a lot of questions, which deal with deprecated PHP features. For example I got 3 questions about ereg functions and 2 about the old mysql extension.

Basically I think this so-called "certification" is completly useless. :) But, make yourself a picture, it's free! ;)

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