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Remove the aggregation permission of

In a lack of a contact email address on (intentionally without any link, see here, why), I send this as an open letter: administrators,

with this, I remove the permission to aggregate any kind of content, published on my domain or written by me (Tobias Schlitt) in general. From now on, you are not allowed to publish any kind of content written by me on your side. This also includes content, which is already aggregated through 3rd party resources.

Note, that you might breach against effective law, if you still keep publishing my content without given permission and probably could get fined for copyright issues in some states.

With kind regards, Tobias Schlitt

I also tried sending this to and

If you wonder for a reason, it is that I still found my blog articles aggregated on that website, through the While I in general appreciate that people aggregate my content (I think this is made clear by offering XML feeds), I now explicitly disallow the website to do so. I do not write my content so that they can make money out of it with placing sneaky ads inside it.

Hope that's understandable.

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