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PHPUGDO plans "PHP introduction workshop"

During our last usergroup meeting here in Dortmund (last Thursday), the idea came up to organize a "PHP introduction day", if there is enough interesst in the local area. The idea resulted from the success of Kores and my "PHP best practices talk" at FrOSCon. We generally thought about making a whole day event, where we will teach people PHP basics in the morning and some advanced stuff (like best practices, usage of components, etc.) in the afternoon. So I emailed the students mailinglist of our computer science faculty at university and our Linux AG mailinglist from university, if there is interesst. By now we have over 50 interessted people, which is really amazingly cool! The plans evolved further again and we think about making a 2 day event, where we provide PHP basisc on day 1 in the morning, then give people the chance to code a small application in the afternoon, where we give assistance (so a real "workshop"). On day 2 we will then teach the advanced section and let people also code a small app, using some advanced techniques, like OO patterns and component libraries.

This is all still in a very early planning stage, but maybe there are people in the Ruhrgebiet area, which I did not reach by email so far, who have interesst in such an event. If you do have interesst, please comment on this blog entry or email me, so we can estimate the number of attendees. The event will be free of charge and probably be held at the University of Dortmund.

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