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PHP at FrOSCon report

FrOSCon ended yesterday, but because the net was cut down too early, I could not blog this one. So I'm doing that now.

Congratulations to the FrOSCon organization team. The organization was really good: The talks were well chosen, there were a lot of helpers on their way to support the attendants and speakers. The equipment was excellent (the main conference rooms as well as the dedicated PHP room, where we stayed the past 2 days). Also excellent was the catering provided for speakers and helpers, if you consider that this was an almost free of charge event! Great work, guys and girls, I hope you will repeat this event next year!

For the PHP room, we are pretty satisfied, too. The room equipment was (as already mentioned) great and all speakers held their talks in time. The attendance was quite fluctuating and quite different as I expected. So the talk about "Geeklog" was crowded (about 15 people, beside us 5 from the PHP UG DO and Thomas Weinert from the [ PHP UG KB]), while the most interessting talk about "A web services framework for PHP5" was not that crowded (about 5 attendants). Most of the slides from the talks are already linked on the PHP at FrOSCon website. Todays hackaton was not that interesting, though, but we only had that, because there was no time to plan another day of talks. Surely, the PHP room would be more frequented, if the FrOSCon was not in parallel to PHP Vikinger. Anyway, we will try to avoid this issue next year and will probably go to organize a 2 day sub-conference to the FrOSCon, including many talks.

So long, another week of conferences past and I'm quite happy to relax a bit. Looking forward to the next conf. So long...

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