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Off to Norway...

So, finally it's time for going to our yearly eZ publish Conference. I'm really much looking forward to this event, because it is the first time for me, that I get the opportunity to really get to know the whole company stuff at once. Surely, I know all the people from Germany and most of the people in the headquarter personally, but to most of the people from the Nordic (Oslo), Ukrain (Odessa), France (Lyon) and North American (Vancouver) offices I only had email contact. Beside that, it will be a great event, because a lot of PHP and eZ publish community people will be there.

Sadly me and Kore will not be able to attend the PHP Vikinger event, which takes place directly after the conference, but in chargeback we will have anothe great event then, the first Free and OpenSource Conference in Bonn.

Anyway, tonight at 2:00 we will meet at Kores place to drive to Frankfurt Hahn airport, where our flight to Oslo Torp will leave at 7:00 tomorrow. I'll be back on Friday around 16:00 and on Saturday morning the FrOSCon starts. So, a busy week is going to start right now... Looking forward to seeing some of you out there during the week! Cheers! Toby.

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