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Why towel day was in May 25th?

As you might remember, I blogged a few days ago, that you shouldn't forget your towel for yesterday, Towelday. This tribute to Douglas Adams (one of the most skilled science fiction authors in my eyes) was quite a funny thing, since people looked quite strange, when I walked around with a nice blue (not really authentic, AFAIR the original one was white) towel.

Anyway, at the PHP usergroup Dortmund meeting yesterday (hey, we were actually 2 with a towel there, shame on you, Kore!), we were wondering, why Towelday was held on May 25th instead of May 11th? Jakob enlightened me: If you consider 5 (May) and 25 as hex numbers and add them 2A, which is 42 in the decimal system. That says all, doesn't it?

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