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Way back from Bari

Sitting at the Malpensa airport in Milano and waiting for my connection flight to D?sseldorf I seize the chance to work a bit. The conference in Bari was really great. I meat a lot of interesting and especially very nice people. My talk about the our enterprise PHP platform eZ components went quite well and I received a lot of feedback. Since I don't know much italien (as the attendees of my talk will probably have noticed), I skipped the afternoon talks at the phpDay (sorry Zeev ;-P) and used the chance to lay down on the beach for a bit. I even managed to go swimming in the sea. Really great. What I enjoyed most in Bari was actually the food. Italians really know how to make really good dinners. In my whole life I did not have that much anti pasti... ;)

So, all in all, I really enjoyed my trip to Bari and hope I can come back to the phpDay next year, to see another part of Italy. Thanks to all you guys for bringing me there!

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