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The Web 2.0 misery

In the past months, the term "Web 2.0" has been pushed as if it was a cool new Internet. Sorry, guys and girls, but this is bullshit. "Web 2.0" is the mis-term of the current and the past year. The "Web", if it ever existed, is a medium of several markup languages (especially HTML), which allows to provide information in a hyper-linked way over the Internet. It does not matter, which way you choose to provide this information (XTML, SVG or plain text). Beside that, "Web 2.0" seems to talk about rich-client interfaces over the web. Hello? XUL is quite old, ActiveX is even older and if you look at Citrix, you can provide "real" applications over the web.

So, please, stop that stupid "Web 2.0" term. It simply sucks.

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