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eZ Components 1.1 on the horizon

Yesterday we released eZ components version 1.1beta1, a first step to the next feature release of eZ components. The first release does not contain all enhancements, yet, so a 2nd beta will definitely follow. Beside that, the Template engine will be released in about a week, which is IMHO the most awaited component for 1.1. Several great enhancements are already included in 1.1beta1, like sub-select and multi-join support for the query builder in our Database component, parsing mails with the Mail component and automatic help text generation for the ConsoleTools. We also have 2 new components: File - which will provide convenience methods for dealing with files in PHP - and SystemInformation, which can be used to determine information about the underlying system, an application gets installed on.

You should read more about 1.1beta1 and download the new package for testing.

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