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Jakob's wireless config for Gentoo

Since a few days Jakob Westhoff - a good friend, university and usergroup collegue of mine - has a blog. I convinced him to set one up, because he produces a lot of geeky things, which by now stayed on his harddisc.

Yesterday Jakob has published a first piece of his work: An enhanced way of configuring wireless devices on Gentoo Linux. Usually you define all your settings in the /etc/conf.d/wireless file. But if you have to manage a lot of access points with a lot of advanced settings (like post assignement scripts), this file gets large and unmaintainable. Jakob enhanced the wireless configuration to use a directory /etc/conf.d/wireless.d/, where you can store a single configuration file for each AP.

I did not try it out myself (mainly because of the lag of time), but what I saw on his maschine looks great! I hope the Gentoo people will possibly intergrate it into the system.

Great work, Jakob!

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