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ICQ spam sucks

Since 1996 I'm using ICQ as an instant messaging service. While I was satisfied with it all the time, I'm now getting into real trouble with ICQ spam. Blocking unwanted messages from users that are not on your buddy list is not a problem (at least in Gaim, although this tools seems to forget the privacy settings now and then). But lately I receive constant masses of authorization request spam. It's a real annoyance to get about 50-200 of these messages per day and to reject all of them manually. I would be really near to leaving the ICQ network, if there weren't so many of my non-geek friends on ICQ.

Does anyone have a solution here? Else I would have to consider writing a plugin for Gaim on my own, to specify UINs which should be constantly blocked, no matter what message they send. Although I did not find anything like that on the web: Is anyone out there who has it already? Or someone who could write it by a tip of his finger?

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