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Happy birthday PHPUGDO!

The local PHP usergroup turns 1. The actual annuary of the first meeting is tomorrow, but since we meet every Thursday, we celebrate the birthday today. Although I'm not a member of the first minute, I'm one of the oldest members there. It's very nice to see, what we reached so far. The group grew from a bunch of 4 people that started to meet, to being a real user group by now. Our mailinglist counts 34 subscribers so far and the meetings take place every week with always between 5 to 15 people. We already had a bunch of presentation during our meetings, we had lots of fun just sitting around and ranting about technical stuff and tend to meet for hacking around PHP. But also beside these meetings, we have a fairly good running ICR channel (#phpug on EUIRC) where usually 10-20 people are in. It's very cool to have a bunch of geeks around oneself. Not only that you always have cool ideas (of which you can realize about 5% in your lifetime), but also that you can discuss technical decisions so easily and can have input on all those problems you have.

My special thanks go to Tobias Struckmeier (a friend of mine who is also working for eZ) who founded the usergroup last year. Tobias is very active in managing all the small issues with the group and managed to keep it up and running for a complete year now. Great work man! :) Keep itu up!

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