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Services_Trackback and spam checks

A week ago I released my PEAR package Services_Trackback with a new feature added: Support for checking trackbacks against the web service. Akismet is provided by and is the first attempt to centralize efforts against trackback and comment spam. Services_Trackback now supports checking trackbacks against Akismet and so does PEARWeb do, too. Beside that, PEAR developers have the chance to report trackbacks they recieved as spam to Akismet (in addition to deleting them from the database) and with that help to improve the Akismet service. So, let's see how this solution turns out...

Services_Trackback now reached beta stadium. I think the class is more than feature complete now (maybe some more spam checking techniques will follow) and the API turned out to be quite ok (considering that I want to keep it PHP 4 compatible).

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