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Trakbacks on PEARWeb and PEAR::Services_Trackback

I finally found some time and improved the trackback handling on PEARWeb:

  • HTML entities in trackbacks are now decoded before using the bad-word-filter (this will go into Services_Trackback, soon) and I updated it with common bad words.

  • Only 3 trackbacks per 30 minutes will be accepted from a host from now.

  • If both of these criteria do not match, it uses DNSBL and SURBL mechanisms to check trackbacks additionally.

Only trackbacks that come through these filters will be added to PEARWeb (and still need manual approval by package maintainers). Compared to the past we now receive only 10% of the spam, I estimate.

Unapproved trackbacks will be deleted from PEARWeb automatically now, after 14 days, so maintainers who don't care about trackbacks can simply ignore them. At least, a lot of maintainers seem to care about trackbacks: By now we have more than 250 valid ones, which enhance the packages documentation with additional release information, use cases, examples and hints. I think this is a valid point for having trackbacks for our packages.

Any further ideas how to fight trackback spam?

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