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New blog category: eZ

I recently decided to create a new category to my blog, which is dedicated to eZ systems related topics. I know, my frequency on this (especially eZ components) related stuff was quite high in the past weeks and having all those posts ending up in my "PHP" feed was maybe a bit too much. Therefore, all eZ related posts will now be marked by the new "eZ" category and when I consider the post important for other categories (like "PHP" or "Community related"), I will add those additionally.

My "eZ" feed is also aggregated on Planet eZ publish, while the "PHP" and "Community related" categories also end up on Planet-PHP. The first post about eZ components, which will not end up on Planet-PHP directly is about Kore Nordmann's and my fantastic birthday present for the eZ components. If you are curious, take a look here and if you want to stay tuned, subscribe to my "eZ" feed.

I hope that is a good solution for everyone! :)

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